Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Windows 2017

When I used to live in my old Chicago neighborhood, I enjoyed going for walks in the evening. Best part of those walks were the windows. A lot of people in Chicago do not close their shades at night. Most of the old homes have a lot of windows facing the front because there is no light coming in from the sides of the houses. Too close together. Mark and I leave ours wide open at night, giving the neighbors quite an eyeful. Especially when Alicia and Alexis visit. I still enjoy looking in the windows at night when I walk the dogs. It gives me some insight on who lives around here. There is the lady halfway down the block who has quite eclectic tastes. She has one lamp that I love, it looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. Another place decorates their living room with Christmas lights year round. I suspect stoners, but I could be wrong. They could just love the lights. And speaking of stoners, there is one house that has grow lights on in the living room all night long. I see a lot of plants in there, hard to tell the species. The most disturbing windows though, are the windows of the Middle Eastern family down the street. I am not sure what country they are from, but every one of their windows have blackout shades on them. Not one beam of light escapes from inside that house, and I know why. It's the women. They are held captive in there. Oh sure, they would tell you that they want it that way, like a hostage suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. It is very creepy. The men come and go at will, but not the women. I have seen them on occasion, covered head to toe in those flowing black things they wear, just their face visible, laughing and having fun outside on the sidewalk. Always with the youngest male of the house as a chaperone. The minute they see me or any other man coming down the street they scurry inside. Honestly, I do not care what kind of screwy religion or culture you have, but this shit is sick. You know those women and girls have been brainwashed since birth that this is how it should be. The men get to do whatever they want, and the women also get to do whatever the men want. I can respect other cultures, as long as those other cultures respect the humanity of everybody else. But when the lives of some are considered not as valuable as others, I just think it's perverted. Not to just pick on some people from the Middle East, Americans bought and sold fellow humans at one time. Maybe if I dressed Alicia up in one of those tent dresses with the head covering and sent her down there to say hello. Maybe she could find out just what the hell is up. Maybe she could let those ladies know that they are in America now. They don't have to put up with that shit anymore.
Alicia visits the neighbors

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  1. When I was selling real estate I hated showing houses that were owned by middle eastern families. They were dark and smelled awful. It's always fun trying to show a place that you can't see because of the dark. And condos were worse! It's their way of life, but it sure doesn't fit in most neighborhoods.