Thursday, May 11, 2017

Nap Time

Mark and I went out to see Mom again this week. She is really happy to see all the family genealogy stuff I've been bringing her. Hats off to my cousin Bill, and especially to his late father, my mom's brother, for doing all the hard work of finding our family history. This week Mom was fast asleep when we got there. Lazy bones was still in bed at noon, so I had to wake her up and get her into her Hoveround. Mom asked me if Mark was with me. The answer was yes. A look of aggravation washed across her face. Not because she didn't want to see Mark. Mom loves Mark, she finds him endlessly amusing. What bothered Mom was that she would have to get dressed. For me, Mom was fine with entertaining in her pajamas. Mark, however, was company and she needed to put on some clothes.
"Get out of here while I put something on." She instructed me.
Thirty minutes later, a new speed record for getting dressed, Mom rolled into the kitchen. Over a lunch of Culver's chicken tenders, French fries, and ice cream shakes, I showed Mom the latest genealogy pages that her nephew had sent me while Mark told her some of his endlessly entertaining stories of New Jersey. Finally it was time to leave. Mark kissed Mom goodbye, I kissed Mom goodbye, and then we left. Not for the city. We never leave directly for the city. No, we left so that Mark could go shopping out in Will County at his favorite store. Home Goods. For some reason Mark loves the Home Goods store in Tinley Park. I assume it's because their sales tax is 3.25% less than Chicago's sales tax, and Mark loves a bargain. So every week, I drop Mark off in front of the Home Goods store and I go park the car. I don't get out and shop with him, I nap. I push back the seat, turn on my favorite music, and I nap. 

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  1. I also love Tinley Park Home Goods. Too much so!