Monday, May 1, 2017

Scout Goes to the Groomer

In response to the turd in the hair incident, where my dog Scout got poo all over her rear end, I arranged for her to go to the groomer on Saturday. So in the rain and weekend traffic, off we went. The idea was to get some hair out of her eyes, and to get what is referred to as a "Sanitary Cut". A sanitary cut is where they trim all the hair that could get in the way of cleanly peeing and pooping. I'm considering one for myself. Anyway, I dropped Mark and Scout off in front of the groomer/pet store so that they could go in while I drove around in the rain, looking for a parking spot. By the time I parked and walked the one block to the groomer, Miss Scout had introduced herself to everybody in the store. Her tail was wagging furiously and her tongue was aimed at whoever's face got within range. She seemed to have it all under control. So when it was time for us to hand her off to the groomer, I had no qualms. Mark and I walked up to the front of the store and I told mark that I would go get the car and pick him up. Once again, in the rain, I walked the block back to the car and started over to Clark Street. Because of all the one way streets, I had to drive two blocks around. As I slowly cruised past the pet store my phone rang.
"You have to come back."
"I'm out front. Where are you?"
"I'm in the store. You have to come in here. They won't take her..  (unintelligible sputtering and stuttering.)"
At that point the cars behind me started honking. There was no place to pull over because of the cars parked in the bus stop.
"Mark! I have to go around again....     Mark? Are you still there? MARK! Did you hang up on me?"
Mark had hung up on me, so I called back.
"Where are you? Aaaaahhhh ....  where are you?"
"No place to park, had to go around again. What do you mean they won't take Scout?"
"She tried to bite the man. She wouldn't let him take her harness off."
"But I told him that he'd need a muzzle for her. What the hell...."
At this point Mark hung up on me again, so I continued around in the rain and pulled up into the bus stop in front of the groomer/pet store. Screw those assholes honking at me, and the bus trying to drop off passengers. There was Mark standing in the rain with a somewhat drippy and wet Scout. Mark had a scowl on his face, he was pissed. Scout on the other hand, wagged her tail and jumped enthusiastically into the car. Scout likes to ride in the car.

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