Tuesday, May 23, 2017


The Flowers

I'm not the most energetic person, so when I get a bug up my ass to do some work around the house, that is newsworthy. First off, I mowed the lawn and planted some flowers among the bulbs in the garden. I was just trying to fill in the gaps and provide some color between the end of the tulips and the start of the lilies and gladiolas. After digging, planting, digging some more, planting some more, and getting myself quite dirty, I was satisfied. Somebody else was not, and that somebody berated me for not grouping the flowers to his liking. (I can't use a certain person's name again because I've been forbidden to write about that person. And no, it's not Mark 😉) 

The Window
My next project was to fix the broken window on my tenant's porch. It blew out last January during a storm. I quickly tacked a piece of cardboard over the broken window after the storm and it had been that way ever since. Now, with the window fixed, our home doesn't look like a crack den and my tenant can enjoy the lovely view of our alley.

The Bench

Next up, that somebody's park bench. Somebody in our household, can't say who, bought a park bench that the somebody wanted out on the front porch. I have to admit, it is nice. Trouble is, I had to assemble it, and I am not a patient man when it comes to assembling crap from China. Now that somebody can sit out on the porch and watch all the goings on here at our end of our street. In other words, the somebody can now be the busybody.

The Hammock
Finally, there is the hammock. A hammock was purchased for the backyard. I put that thing together and I like it, especially after a day of yard work. I can now lay out there and watch all the planes fly over on the way to O'Hare Airport. And when I'm not using it, somebody can lay in it and bitch about how I'm planting the flowers all wrong.

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