Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Green Ache-rs

Due to the high cost of produce, Mark has decided to plant even more edible stuff in the back yard. So, being the dutiful spouse I am, I went out and cleared a section of the back yard where I had previously planted flowers, and a cat named Carl. The biggest problem was digging up the flowering plants that had rooted themselves quite nicely, without digging up Carl. After pulling out the easily removable plants, I was left with a mass of deep roots that were quite difficult to pull up. My first idea was to douse them with gasoline and light them on fire, so as to burn away the roots. This turned out to not be so wise, because when I tossed a match onto the fuel soaked ground, flames shot ten feet up towards the utility wires that hang only ten feet off of the ground at that point. While Mark screamed in horror, I stumbled around in the bushes looking for the water hose that I probably should have already had at hand.

Mark has made attempts to garden before, but it has taken him a while to figure out the Florida gardening zone. He has finally found out that when the rest of the nation is getting ready for winter, it is time to get ready to garden here. In the past, Mark has planted things in the spring, with dismal results. From pathetic little tulips that melted shortly after sprouting from the earth, to zucchini that never produced a single thing. I was actually happy about the zucchini not working, because I hate zucchini.

I hope the garden works out alright, and Mark can produce a bumper crop. He tells me that vegetables at the grocery store are extremely expensive. I figure that they must be approaching the price of gold, because it cost me a lot of money to purchase the supplies, tools, and seeds for this tiny garden. I figure at the price I paid for all that stuff, the string beans he grows will be worth about one dollar per bean.


  1. Not many comments on the vegetable or what he plans on planting. He he!

  2. Why not grow fruit too?

  3. We are all ready fruity enough.

  4. Oh yummy, is that cherry tomatoes I see in with those things too?