Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Playing Cards With God

Every once in awhile I am jolted awake from my slumbers by the realization that at some point, my life will end. Out of all the momentous occasions in your life, death is the biggest. It dwarfs your first time having sex (that is, with another person), and winning the lottery. Weddings, birthdays, and being at Wrigley Field for a World Series game, pale by comparison. When I think of it, I can understand why people cling to religion, it makes death a little more palatable if you think you are going to survive in another form.

As precious as life is, we all waste a good portion of it. I personally wasted almost five hours of it on Sunday, watching a Chicago Bears football game, and all the pre-game crap that I could find. I probably wasted the equivalent of a months time, this past summer, watching Cubs and Marlins baseball games. Although, watching baseball could technically be considered needed sleep time.

One of the worst forms of wasting time, was given to us by Bill Gates. Every time I sit in front of the computer to start writing one of my little stories, I get sidetracked by the card games. Before I know it, two hours have passed and all I have done is played fifty hands of Free Cell and a few games of Hearts, and don't even get me started on Solitaire.

It's times like these, when you are lazing your life away, that you think back to when you were a kid and realize just how important your mother was. She was the one who came into the living room, turned off the television, and forced you to go outside and do something, anything. Unfortunately I don't have my mother here to stop me from screwing around, but if I try real hard, I think I can kick the computer card game habit. Right after I get my win rate up to eighty two percent on Free Cell.


  1. Thank goodness we didn't have computers when we were kids.....it was hard enough to do our homework! Especially in the beginning of summer when we could smell the outdoors and hear the neighbor kids voices...torture! We would have procrastinated even more, I think it's in the genes!

  2. I played mario kart with some one called jesus this morn! Coincidence :O