Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lizard Breath

Now that Fat Kitty has been living in our house for the last six months, and has been eating right, she has lost all of her fat. I actually feel bad that I named her Fat Kitty, but that's her name and she's stuck with it. I'm not sure why she was so fat when she lived out in the yard, but I suspect that it was because she was on a steady diet of lizards, plus the food I was feeding her. The reason I feel that she was eating the lizards is because while she lived outside, the lizard population plummeted. Since I moved her into the house, the yard is crawling with them again. I now have lizards that are fat and sassy, who hang out every night near the porch lights waiting to feed on the bugs that are drawn to them. I have to admit, if I were a cat they would look quite succulent, and tempting.

Back when Fat Kitty was living outside, she had a friend who hung out with her, Tigger, the cat from next door. Or at least he used to be from next door. He now stays in my back yard almost all day long, and is always begging at my door for some food. But Tigger is no slouch either when it comes to eating the wild life. He doesn't seem to have an appetite for the little lizards. No Tigger goes for the big ones, iguanas. Iguanas can grow to six feet long and look like something from Jurassic Park. It can be very disconcerting to be strolling through the yard and see Tigger munching away on one of those things. The worst was the day I was showing one of the apartments to a potential renter, a young woman. As I was bringing her through the backyard to show her the laundry, there was Tigger with a small iguana in his mouth head first, with just the rear legs and the wiggling tail sticking out. You could hear the crunching as he chewed away on the thing, and I thought to myself, 'this can't look good', and I was right. The woman didn't take the apartment. She just let out a little scream, and scurried out the front gate. Obviously she was not an animal lover.


  1. I'll bet Fat Kitty wasn't just eating at your house. Now that he is an inside cat he doesn't do the rounds anymore. He leaves that up to his pal Tigger.

  2. Thanks Alan for yet another reason I won't be retiring to Florida!!

  3. Fat kitty is a cool name anyway, but a diet of lizards is not argh! So gross, bet they were erm, delicious :)