Friday, June 19, 2009

Photo Friday

The house my parents brought me home
to in 1949, and I lived in for 14 years.
It had a basement that flooded frequently, no air-
conditioning, and cost $10,900 new.

Here it is as it appears on Google Maps today.
That's my old bedroom that I shared with my
brothers on the second floor.


  1. That has got to be one of the coolest before/after timeline shots I've seen in a long time... Thanks for sharing! (The story of the dormer always blows my mind too)

  2. Very cool before and after. What's the price of that house now?

  3. Homes in that neighborhood seem to be going for around 240K, give or take 20K.

    My sister says that the large evergreen tree on the left is no longer there.

    For the dormer story, copy and paste into the address line..

  4. The Parkside neighborhood is also now full of teardowns where they have put up "fancy houses". Mom says they are going for $500,000 to $700,000!! Boggles the mind.... no wonder we are in such a bad financial mess, in the "olden days" people were just happy to have a sturdy roof over their heads.

  5. I think you need to check on the prices in today's market, not 05's

  6. Yes, mom is a little behind on that price. I looked up homes on the MLS web site and I couldn't find anything in the old neighborhood for over 300K.

  7. Your mom isn't too far off. There are a couple houses that have been "rehabbed" and were sold for $500K and $600K by a company that is rehabbing a lot of the houses in that area. That of course is a little too much for that neighborhood but that's what the people wanted. There are a lot of nicely redone houses that aren't overdone and fit well in the neightborhood. There's nothing wrong with enlarging your house so you can stay in a neighborhood you like that has a good school district.

  8. From Yahoo:Home Details (what's this?) Home facts data are compiled from public records and supplied to us by Zillow. More Information Residence: Single Family | Beds: -- | Bath: 1.0 | Square Feet: 750
    Lot Size: 7,980 | Year Built: 1949
    6### Ravina Dr $127,435-$182,050.