Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Clusterz Futz

Help! I've got a monkey on my back, and it's called Clusterz. I don't remember when I discovered this stupid game, but I am addicted to it. I'm not sure if it's the hypnotic music that accompanies it, or the sound of the bubbles popping that keeps me coming back, but I do come back. Last week I managed to play all the way to level 20. One week later, and after at least five hundred attempts, I was still playing level 20. I have a house to clean, my office to re-decorate, and plenty of other chores to do, yet here I sit playing this stupid game on the computer. There was one good thing that happened this afternoon though. I finally broke through and beat level 20. Now I'm working on level 21. I'm sure it'll be much easier than the previous level.

Click on Clusterz!


  1. Score better drunk or sober? Plan on getting caught playing this at work later today...

  2. Oh man. I wish I hadn't seen this. It's kismet because my sister just introduced me to online jigsaw puzzles today as well.

    And I'm supposed to cook TG dinner tomorrow! (As you know.)

  3. Hostess, I actually beat level 20 after a full nights sleep, totally sober.

    Dragonlane, don't get hypnotized by that music. You'll be eating bologna tomorrow.

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