Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just One More Thing Sir

Errrrr, errr, err, clack, clack, clack, clack.......
The sound of a dead battery. I had told Mark that turning the car on and off rapidly, over, and over again would not be good for the battery. He insisted it was the only way to get rid of the squealing sound under the hood. No, the only way to get rid of the squealing sound under the hood would be to take the car to the mechanic, and have him replace the bad belt. So last week we finally took the car in to replace the bad belt. It was too late. Just a day later the battery died. Our sixty five month battery died a premature death at just sixteen months. That meant we had to take the car back up to Goodyear, where we had purchased the battery just a year ago.

I hate taking the car to places like Goodyear. I like their prices for tires, and batteries. What I don't like is sitting there waiting for the car.
Thirty minutes into the wait, the guy comes out and tells me, "Your overdue for an oil change."
"Okay, go ahead and change the oil."
Five minutes later he reappears holding a squat little bolt.
"Sir, the drain plug on your car is worn, and you are leaking oil."
I had no idea if that was true or not. He could have swapped out the damn thing for all I know, with a bad one he had on hand.
"Go ahead and replace it."
Ten minutes later he comes into the waiting room again.
"Sir, you need a new anode cable to your battery."
"Sure, why the hell not."
Ten more minutes go by, and he's back.
"Sir, your gas filler cap is missing. Would you like a replacement?"
"Sure, and return the rag I had stuffed in there please."
Ten more minutes later.
"Sir, your wiper blades are streaking. You really should replace them."
At this point I had enough. I was stuck in his crappy waiting room, watching QVC, the only channel his television seemed to pick up, and I was being nickel and dimed to death.
"No. Leave them alone. Just finish up and let us get out of here."
Twenty minutes later Mark paid the bill (Yes, I know. I was just as flabbergasted), and we turned to leave.
"Oh, and one more thing sir." he called out to us, "Your engine mounts are worn out and need to be replaced."


  1. What you do is make a list of everything he tells you is wrong with your car. Don't believe him and don't have anything extra done. Ask for a written estimate. It is important to get all the mechanics recommendations in writing. Then take your car to another mechanic and ask to have the car checked out. They will usually just charge $20 or 30 dollars for this. Tell them to make a list of all their recommendations for repair and give you a written estimate. When they give you their estimate, compare the two and see who is telling the truth.

  2. You must think I have tons of time on my hands.

  3. Ask him for a kiss next time before he @*#$s you. You really need a lesbian in your life to maintain your vehicles--I work for vodka and pool privileges.

  4. I went to get new tires at Goodyear for my truck. It took them 8 (yes, eight) hours to put on the new tires while I was forced to watch Fox News Network! Then they came out and told me I need to rotate them. I told them what they could rotate and where. I've never been back to Goodyear.

  5. You do have tons of time on your hands.

  6. Gr8 Scott, I apparently was fortunate that I only had to watch QVC.

  7. nickles and dimes is how they make their money.The oil pan drain plug was just a test to see how many times you would say go ahead and replace it. Engine mounts wear out and get tired, much like you. If they break you'll hear some noise. Thats when you replace them.Same thing with your knees.