Thursday, December 20, 2012

At Abandoned Pet Rescue With Kobi

Thursday is one of the two days I volunteer at APR. Today I thought I'd take a few photos. All are available for adoption except for Chanel. Click on the animal's name for more information.

This is my absolute favorite dog, Kobi. He has electric blue eyes, and he always makes me feel so bad when I leave. If it weren't for Chandler I would bring this guy home.

This is Puss-n-Boots, Two-Tone, and Gypsy in their cage.

Chanel is lucky. She was just adopted and is waiting to be picked up.

Here is Polly. She came in morbidly obese. She has shed almost all of her fat, and now enjoys a special spot behind the front desk on her own love seat.

Bye, bye.


  1. I think I would adopt them all if I could! They are so lucky you volunteer for them!

  2. You've got a golden ticket to heaven, my man.

  3. I don't know how you do it. They are so lucky you love them all so much. I think Chandler would love another buddy around the house!!

  4. Chandler does have another buddy around the house... it's his squeaky toy Mark. Hehe

  5. You just had to get that picture with the dog pooping in the background.

  6. Lots of poop involved with a dog shelter. We pick up every morsel. I don't even gag anymore.