Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In Support of the Second Amendment

I say no to gun control. We have to realize that the Supreme Court has said the second amendment guarantees our right to have a gun. So I say fine, let the gun folks have their guns, but hold them responsible for those guns. We need a 'Gun Owner's Responsibility' act. Make the gun owner responsible for keeping them under their control, and in their possession. If a thief breaks into your house and steals your guns, you are responsible. You did not secure them properly. Your mentally deranged child breaks open your gun cabinet, or steals the key and gets your guns, you are responsible. You did not secure them properly. That concealed weapon you're strutting around with, strapped to your thigh, making you feel like Superman, gets stolen by a mugger who comes up behind you and then uses it in another crime, you are responsible. You did not secure it properly. In other words, from the time a gun is legally sold to a citizen, who has the right to own a gun, that citizen is responsible for whatever damage that gun does. You let it out of your control by failing to properly secure it, and somebody is killed, you should be held responsible for manslaughter. If the cops arrest a criminal who shot somebody with a stolen gun, the owner he stole it from is responsible. That owner did not secure it properly.

A wooden cabinet is not a secure place to keep a gun. A wooden, glass fronted cabinet is for showing off your insecurities, for showing off your feeling that you lack a big enough penis. This cabinet will not stop a thief from breaking it open and making off with your guns. Even if it were made out of steel an enterprising thief with a crowbar could get into it within seconds. What you need is a concrete, steel encased vault to store the deadliest consumer product ever put on the market. So I say no to gun control, and yes to gun owner responsibility. You own a deadly weapon. It is not a toy, it is not the same as a stamp collection. It is no different than if you collected deadly poisons and then left them within reach of criminals, and the mentally deranged. You, the gun owner, are responsible.


  1. I agree with most of this except the criminally liable part. Civilly liable would be more appropriate, I think.

    Similar to theft of my car (which is FAR more lethal than guns in this country BTW), for example. If someone steals my car and then kills someone with it, under most circumstances only the thief would be responsible for the death, but my insurance--as the owner--would likely pay out to avoid a civil lawsuit against me.

    Maybe what we need is mandatory insurance on guns. If they can do it on healthcare, they can do it on guns.

  2. If you break the law by not securing your guns, you would be criminally liable. The idea is to stop the frivolous acquiring of guns by those who really don't need them. It would make people think twice about strutting around with that concealed weapon. Gun liability insurance would take the burden off the person who should be taking responsibility. Besides, I can't believe any sane insurance company would write such a policy. The more I think about it, what sane insurance company would insure a home with guns in it? As it is it seems that a civil suit is already an option, and it isn't deterring anybody from leaving guns lying around. The threat of going to jail might make a gun owner do more to keep their guns in a more secure place.

  3. BTW, we already have pretty strict automobile controls, and autos are not designed to kill. A gun is.

  4. Well - they're going to have to do SOMETHING. How many of these mass shootings do we have to witness before they step up and do something sane? The NRA is a terrorist organization.

  5. It's not gun control we need. it's free and easy access to mental health providers. when I sought a mental health provider for my depression they wanted to charge me 1000 dollars. I have no health insurance.