Monday, October 7, 2013

Dream Time

I awoke angry, with my heart pounding. In my dream I was just about to knock on my tenant's door and scream at them. Even after it was apparent that I was only dreaming I still had some residual anger. I hate dreams that do that to me. This time the dream was that one of the tenants was forcing pennies into the slots of the coin operated washing machine. I was angry because that is where I go for my Friday night drinking money, I empty out the coin box. That is the real reason I installed a coin operated machine in the laundry room. It certainly doesn't collect enough money to pay the electric or water that it uses. But it does collect just enough for two vodkas during cocktail hour. The worst part about that dream is that I have great tenants. They pay their rent on time, they're clean, and for the most part they are quiet. After calming down, I finally fell back to sleep only to be awakened once more by an equally upsetting dream. This one didn't get me angry, or excited, only upset. The second dream was of piles of dog crap everywhere in the house, along with puddles of pee. This dream upset me because it was extremely realistic, and very, very close to what my life is actually like.


  1. Funny, I had 2 distressing dreams also! One was that my boss was interviewing a nurse for a job in our office...she was someone I had worked with over 20 years ago and she was awful then! But she was one of those fake-friendly people and I felt I would look like a bitch if I said Don't hire her!! In the second one, I was on a school bus bringing Fanny May candy to the teachers (sometimes you have to bribe them so they will pretend to like your child!. I set it on the seat and 2 kids took it into the school. I was going from room to room trying to find it before they ate it and one of the doors was opened by Mrs. Nunemaker, a nice teacher that both my kids had in grade school. Not sure what dreams mean but I hadn't thought about those people in years!!

  2. I believe Mrs. Nunemaker was trying to tell you Godiva, not Fanny May.