Friday, October 25, 2013

So What's Bette Been Up To?

I have been bragging to everybody who will listen, and isn't sick of hearing it, that Bette is one tough puppy. I've told everyone that she isn't afraid of anything. Today she proved me wrong. She is afraid of something, something that Sasha was not afraid of. The vacuum cleaner. Sasha stood up to that big blowhard. Sasha would chase it around as I busily vacuumed the living room, barking madly at the interloper. Not Bette, she steered a wide arc around the vacuum as I went through the bedroom with it. And when I had her cornered on the far side of the bedroom she ran under the bed, and popped out at full stride on the other side. That's something Sasha could never do seeing as she was the size of a very large Butterball turkey. So Bette is afraid of the vacuum and it just might be my fault. Maybe if I used it more often she would have got used to it right away. I think yesterday might have been the very first time she ever saw one, and that doesn't say much about my housekeeping skills.


  1. Al our dogs have been vacuum cleaner "biters". Kind of leery about the thing but ready to rumble with it!!

  2. Ahhh. The vacuum cleaner. Yes.

    Well. It's used infrequently at our house, too. But PIckles will move back and forth with it as I "sweep". Our new cat, Peri, does not care for it one bit. She heads for the hills when I power it up.

  3. Get a Roomba