Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's in a Name?

I think I've established before how much I value my sleep, so I was not very happy when Mark loudly announced that I should get up and get dressed. Sure it was nearly noon, but I had got up at six to walk the dog, eat a donut, and watch 'The Colbert Report' before returning for some blissful sleep. I was tired.
    "Where is this address in Miami." Mark said, shoving a scrap of paper in my face. I wiped the sleep from my eyes, and squinted to bring it all in focus.
    "Hialeah, out by the Palmetto Expressway. Why?"
    "There's a cute little schnauzer there. It'll be killed if we don't go get it. So get up, get dressed, and let's go."

Before we left the house Mark showed me the web site for the Miami/Dade County animal services, and the forlorn photo of a scraggly looking little dog named Lilo. This was the dog Mark wanted to save. So into the car we went for the hair raising drive into Miami in a pouring rain. I had never been to the Miami animal pound before. It was a bit intimidating, and very industrial in appearance. It is what I think a Nazi version of the Department of Motor Vehicles would look like. Gray, stark, and efficient looking. After walking through smelly halls ripe with the odor of animals and disinfectant, we came to the room with Lilo in it. Along one wall were stacks of cages, each with a small dog peering out. Some were happy to see us, and some were sleeping. Lilo was cowering at the back of her cage, looking very dirty and scared. I gingerly opened up the cage, and let her smell my hand. She was having none of it. I turned to speak to Mark. No Mark to be found. So I closed the cage door and went looking for him.
    "Oh my god, look at this dog. I want this one."
Mark had wandered off into another room of the building.
    "Okay, but I thought you came for Lilo."
    "Well not so fast. Look at this dachshund, he's adorable."
As we walked past each dog, Mark changed his mind.
    "Maybe we should get this one, or should I take the last one I looked at?"
Mark was suffering from DPSS, dog pound shock syndrome. He wanted to take them all home. I've been volunteering at Abandoned Pet Rescue now for five years, and though I know how heartbreaking it is to see all those dogs, I have become immune to DPSS. I slowly coaxed Mark back over to where Lilo was caged. I walked over to her and opened the cage door. As I gathered the scruffy little girl up in my arms, she pressed her head against my shoulder and looked up at me.

Lilo will be released to us tomorrow afternoon after she is spayed. We will take the hell drive back down to Miami, and return with Chandler's new little sister. She is mostly schnauzer, if not fully schnauzer, about six months old, and when she gets home her name will no longer be Lilo. We don't know what to name her, but we don't like Lilo. Here is a partial list that Mark has come up with. Let me know what you think.

Storm, Garbo, Ashley or Ash, Mist, Nene Leekes, Mrs. Howell, Gilda, Harper, Miley, Biscuit, Daisy, Wrigley, Oreo, Pebbles, Mamie, Macy, and Swirl (She's black, gray, and white)


  1. That's wonderful Alan. Whatever name you pick it will be perfect. What a lucky little girl! Congratulations!!

  2. Hello Alan and Mark!

    This little lady is so adorable, please give her a lovely big hug from me when you can ♡

    For names, how about something along the lines of Patricia, Patti, Patch... I cant wait to see which name you eventualy chose, I like all those that Mark has chosen too.

    It has been a long time, you may (or may not remember me from a long gone image blog project I used to have called 'Mirour')

    I has been great to catch up with your videos and see that you guys and also Alexis still going strong... I always loved those vids!

  3. Welcome back Selênê. How is life in Cardiff?

  4. Thank you Alan, things are not too bad here at all.. I am still here so thats the main thing. How are things there? Hope that all is super well for you all :-)

  5. Oh...she's so cute! I'm partial to Garbo and Harper, but she is so adorable any on that list will fit her loveliness! I introduced my mother to Schnauzer rescue many years ago and "Asta" and "Fritz" have been her best friends! More pics!!!

  6. BTW: Do Alicia and Alexis have pets?

  7. No Hostess, they don't name the crabs.

  8. We here at work vote for Mamie!

  9. What a good story today!
    Glad Mark found that notice and you are rescuing Lilo from that place, a premature fate, and from that name.
    I agree with the Office and vote for Mamie, not sure why, just sounds right. Of course whatever name you choose will be right for Chandler's new little sister!!

  10. "Crystal" would go well with "Chandler".

  11. Ahhhh, she is precious! You both have given her life a life of "Freedom"!

  12. Good for you! As far as names, I'm partial to Gilda. Have a friend who had a 20 lb. lop rabbit a while back named Molly S. Tither. Always thought that was a fun name. Whatever name you settle on I'm sure it will be perfect.

  13. I am crying and yelling YAY!! As I read this!!! Sasha would be so proud that you loved her so much that you had to fill that aching void. This is the best tribute!

  14. Oh, and I (of course) vote 10 times for DAISY or DAISY MAE!!

  15. (last one from) peggyOctober 3, 2013 at 10:08 PM

    Ummm, thinking of her as a companion to about Monica?