Monday, October 21, 2013

Ginger Snap

I don't think I am in the early stages of Alzheimer's. I don't remember anybody in my family as having had it, but of course I wouldn't if I had it. I do often have a hard time remembering words though. Simple every day words, and more often, words that occasionally come up in conversation escape me. See, like right there. I froze when I came to the word 'escape'. I had to stop typing and just sit there with my mind whirring away until I remembered what word I meant to put in there.

Friday evening Mark and I were watching Hard Ball with Chris Matthews. Chris Matthews was interviewing a nice looking young guy with red hair, or ginger as they refer to it in the U.K.. Suddenly I lost interest in what they were saying because the young man with ginger hair reminded me of somebody else, somebody specific that I could conjure up in my mind but not put a name to.
    "Mark, that guy reminds me of a singer from the 1980's"
    "Hmmm.... "
    "You know who I mean. Come on and help me."
    "That's all you're going to give me? A singer from the 1980's?"
    "Red hair, wore a suit in his video... " At this point I started to dance in my chair trying to mimic the dance the guy did in the video. Mark just stared at me as if I were having...  (Again I have forgotten a word that I want to use here. Please wait while I try to think of it. Oh yes, now I remember.) convulsions.
    "Come on Mark, help me out. Red hair, suit, video, anything?"
    "Do you mean Rick Astley?"
    "Bingo! And he sang that song... you know, that song?"
    "Never gonna give you up was the song, and he didn't wear a suit in that video. He wore a trench coat."
Nearly seventeen years together now, and it's finally paying off. I can now give Mark the most vague of hints, the least amount of information, and he knows what I'm trying to say. That's kind of scary, because how will I know if I have Alzheimer's if all I have to do is look to Mark for what I'm thinking.


  1. Ahh I remeber this tune yes, I loved it. It enjoyed recent renewal with the whole Rick Roll meme, Did you get Rick Rolled Alan ? :-D

  2. Rick Rolled? I had to Google that. Apparently people just break out into that song at inappropriate times. The one I saw was a bunch of young guys on a NYC subway.

  3. I used to think I had CRS (you know, Can't Remember S**t). But now I've developed CRAFT. (Can't Remember A F**king Thing).

  4. My iphone is used to look up one hit wonders like Rick Astley and I have a list of names on it I have to say while touching my chin in time of stress, which includes Dionne Warwick, Billy Squire, Drew Barrymore and Ester Williams. The list is shorter now that I take the meds...

  5. Do you know that often ginger haired people are persecuted in the UK? It's so weird. Kids are bullied at school for having red hair. Go figure.

    Anyhoo... I think if you start thinking that Mark is your mother or father and that a stick of butter is a klondike bar, then you may have Alzheimers.

  6. When I worked at the CME there was a customer at the Merrill Lynch desk... he looked just like Rick Astley. We did the same thing trying to remember Astley's name. When we finally did that name stuck and that customer was forever Rick Astley. Every time he would (arbitrage) in an order we would dance and sing "never gonna give you up...". Funny. Also, your nephew Steve came up with some sorta audio tune of that song on youtube but I couldn't find it... and oh yeah I'm supposed to be working ;)

  7. Kim, kids are assholes. I know, I was one (a kid and an asshole).

    Yummmmmm.... I love Klondike bars and butter. Win, win.

    My mother has champagne colored hair. Mark has very black hair with little white hairs dispersed throughout. I could easily confuse the two.

  8. Welcome to the club of "old peoples charades"!! Sounds like, lookds like, you dance around trying to act out the word that escapes you. I entertain many people everyday with that game.

  9. Alan your mom's hair isn't champagne colored anymore. She let it go white and it looks beautiful! I think it looks much better white!!

  10. How fo we know if the world isn't upside down?