Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Falling for Chicago

A cool front came through here the other day. I could feel it when I took the dogs out that evening. The breeze was a nice northerly, the humidity had dropped to just under fifty percent, and the temperature had dropped about two degrees below the eighty five it had been the night before. If my mom had been here she would have said, "Oh, it's so humid and hot. How can you stand it living here?" You say potāto, I say potăto. You say it's hotter than Rosie O'Donnell's armpits, I say it's not nearly as miserable as yesterday.

I was looking at the weather up in Chicago over the weekend and it made me nostalgic. I must admit that I miss the crisp fall weather with the crystal clear blue skies. They say you can never go back home, meaning back to the home you remember in your youth. That is probably very true. On most cool fall Saturdays, when I was a kid, fathers would rake up the leaves in the front yard and pile them along the curb. Then just before they went into the house to watch hours of football, they would strike a match and burn those leaves. I loved the smoky, yet pleasant aroma of smoldering leaves. I miss it, but even if I lived up north, because of air pollution, I wouldn't be allowed to do that. I miss the burning leaves so much that sometimes when the weather finally cools down here in Florida, around January, I rake up a few leaves from around my live oak, and burn them on Mark's backyard grill.

I'll continue to watch the weather on WGN, and check the internet throughout autumn to see how lovely it is up in Chicago. I have to, because I don't want to miss that moment when it all goes to shit, turns into snow and sleet, and drops to ten below zero. That's when I'll be happy about living here in Florida.


  1. It's crisp in Philly also. Growing up in Dallas, Mom always hung a wreath with "fall" leaves but I never understood because trees stayed green or leaves just fell off stumpy trees down there. Now I can appreciate those colors and smells...until it turns to snow, sleet and shit until Easter.

  2. It's a beautiful picture Alan, same here too can share the same thoughts on leaves and sweeping up, colours and leaves. The temperature is a pain in the ass.. sleet makes everything that nasty looking grey here, is the same there maybe?

    I came home a few years ago, I had to so I could repair after giong through some big er, shall we say challenges. So I am here at home amongst all the leaves and the trees that I grew up with, walking the same pavements with my son, showing him the secret routes and dens we had down near the river... it was great for repairing my self and I do love it however now I can feel the itch to move on again, ready to go go go ;-)

  3. I actually like autumn, for the same reasons that you outlined in your post. We have a wood stove, as do our neighbors, and I can smell the wood smoke while I'm walking Pickles.
    But -- oh -- the shitty English weather. You know the drill...for God's sake you've been reading my blog long enough now. Enjoy the sunshine, Alan. Write about it often throughout the winter so that I can visualize...

  4. Would like to be there tooOctober 17, 2013 at 5:53 AM

    Like the fall but HATE the cold and snow that's coming. It was down in the 40's last night and will be in the 30's at night this weekend. YUKE. I like spring (what little we have!) and fall but really do hate the winters. One day we will be moving to a warmer climate, not Florida but a warmer climate than here! Can't wait hear you smiling while we're neck deep in snow this winter! Enjoy the warmth Alan!!