Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pet Cemetery

Each time, as I dig deep and the shovel hits something solid, I wince. Oh please don't be don't be one of the cats. You see, after last week's removal of the giant schefflera tree there is a large blank spot along the fence that I need to fill in. So I have been digging holes and filling them in with transplanted palm trees from other parts of the yard. Luckily I have many small palms that have sprouted from seeds fallen from mother palms. The reason I am so fearful that I might strike a cat is because that fence line is also where I have planted at least six dead cats and one dog. It is my pet cemetery. Totally illegal I am told, but very convenient and cheaper than cremation or a real pet cemetery. So from south to north along that fence, I know that I have Carlotta, Kiva, Roger, Nina, Fat Kitty, Amanda, and just outside of the dog run I have Carl. Carl was a stray that took up residence in my yard for years, yet for some reason I felt he did not deserve to be inside the dog run with all the inside pets. The only drawback with having this pet cemetery right outside my back door is if I move. If I sell this house and move away who will respect those graves? There is that problem and the fact that I have forgotten exactly where some of them are buried. I just pray that I don't hit a decaying shoe box while digging out there.


  1. you can always concrete it over and extend your walkway

  2. I'm remembering a scene from "Goodfellows" right meow.

  3. Hostess, you like the leg or the wing?