Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Pillow

It was over three years ago, on Christmas 2010, that Mark received the present he had demanded. A brand new sewing machine. Mark had never sewn before, had never owned a sewing machine, but because of those stupid shows on cable television, those shows pitting designer wannabes against each other for money, Mark needed a sewing machine. The first year it sat on the bar in the sun room collecting dust. By the second year it had been moved to the floor where it helped anchor a little rug that tended to move around. Year three saw it pushed behind cases of soda and piles of unread magazines. So I was greatly surprised when Mark came to me and told me to "Put the sewing machine in the car please." I assumed he was giving it away to the Salvation Army, the Pet Shelter thrift shop, or some other deserving person who would actually use it. "Good," I told him, "I'm glad to see that somebody will get some use out of it." As far as I knew, Mark had never even turned the thing on. "I'm not giving it away. My friend Cisco is going to teach me to sew." So I picked up the sewing machine and carried it out to the car. Finally, something was going to come of the Christmas gift of 2010. Hours later Mark returned. He opened the front door, walked over to the sofa, and tossed two pillows on it. "Sewing is hard." Mark whined, "Cisco made me thread that machine. It took me longer to do that than it did to sew those pillow covers."  I looked at the pillows, "You sewed those? They're really nice, you did a nice job Mark." There was a bit of silence, and then Mark admitted "Well, Cisco kind of did most of the actual sewing. But I threaded the machine, and it was hard to see that little hole in the needle."


  1. Sewing is harder than people think. But it is a great hobby if you like to sew. Good for Mark for at least try it but obviously he's leaving the machine at Cisco's!!

  2. My girlfriend has a dusty sewing machine also. There are three pairs of pajamas with the holes in the crotches (don't ask) lying next to it to be mended. They've been there for 5 years.
    Bette looks spectacular on that pillow...

  3. LTS, No, the machine isn't at Cisco's. It's still in the car waiting for me to bring it back in.
    Hostess, Why is it always the crotch that goes first? I just threw two pair of underwear out with blown out crotches.

  4. My thighs rub like two sticks trying to make a fire...

  5. One Who Knows HimApril 20, 2014 at 9:48 PM

    Alans crotches get blown out from his high velocity farting. Can't blame that on the dogs!