Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Call First

Years ago I had a job that had me driving all over Illinois. I actually loved that job and have always wished that I hadn't left it. Anyway, back then when there were no cell phones and I was in the neighborhood of an acquaintance or family member, I would just drop in for a visit. So for anybody who hated that I would "just drop in", I apologize. I now realize how disturbing that can be as I grow older. My house isn't always the cleanest. Very often there are dishes in the sink, wet towels in the bathroom, and Mark is still in bed. Besides those things, there is the fact that any disturbance at the front door sends Chandler and Bette into a frenzy of barking, jumping, and insanity. I do notice that because of the cell phone people are much more thoughtful and will call, albeit sometimes from the car as they are nearing our house. However, just because you call doesn't make it right. Last Friday as I was stepping into the shower, I heard the phone ring. Normally I would let Mark get it, but he was indisposed at the time. So I stepped back out of the shower, and with a bunched up pair of underpants in my hand strategically placed in front of me, I answered the phone in the living room.
            "Alan, it's (name withheld). How are you doing?"
            "Uh, fine. Do you want to talk to Mark?" I asked.
            "No, actually we're right outside your front door."
            "We? There's more than one of you?"
So I took my scrunched up pair of underpants, moved them around to the rear, and went back into the bathroom while screaming for Mark to answer the front door.


  1. Mental and physical flexibility is leaving me also. I like leaving out the underwear as a subtle "Be Gone" gesture.

  2. I am always horrified when people drop in unannounced. As you know, I am not a compulsive cleaner and my house can be untidy with dustballs dancing around the floors.

    But i have friends who never suffer this kind of embarrassment because their house is always neat and tidy. And clean.

    Go figure.