Monday, May 12, 2014

Things From Last Week

  •        Favorite line from the television show Modern Family this past week; Gloria says to Jay, "I won't scratch the dog's belly. It's eecky, she has like thirty neeples."
  •        Most stupid thing I heard last week; On the Bill Maher Real Time show, a right wing writer and immigrant from India, Dinesh D'Souza, while spewing out insults about President Obama, called the President "An anti-colonialist".
  •        Most disgusting thing I did last week; While laying in bed, in the dark with Bette sleeping next to me, her head on my pillow, pulled an engorged tick from her forehead. I then ran screaming into the kitchen where I squished it in the sink, squirting blood and guts.
  •        Best nap of the week in my big fluffy chair; Innings three and four of the Cubs/Braves game on Sunday.
  •        Best meal by Mark last week; Mussels in a curry broth.
  •        Most embarrassing moment of the week; Chandler pooping in a neighbor's yard and I didn't have a bag to pick it up with. I forgot to refill his poop bag dispenser.
  •        Sleaziest thing I did this past week; Left a pile of dog poop in neighbor's yard.
  •        Last Tuesday's movie; American Hustle. I liked it.
  •        Best thing about this last week; Called Mom on Mother's Day morning.
  •        Best thing about my Mother's Day conversation with my Mom; She terminated it before I could. Usually after about a half an hour I have to find a way to say goodbye. All we ever talk about is the weather and dogs. Her dog died so that kind of puts a crimp in the conversation.
  •        First thing I plan to do today; Call the dog groomer and make an appointment for Bette.

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  1. Fantastically informative post, Alan.Creep factor +10 on the tick story...