Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chrisanity, Day Two.

"I need the lights. Get the Christmas Tree lights down."
"Umph, ugh.....ooohf..."
"I think that may be them up there."
"Grunt, pant, ugh... "
" On the top shelf Alan, pull that box down."
"Ooomphkay...  "
Crash, tinkle, tinkle, tink.
"Ouch, sonofabitch!"
"Oh my god, what did you do?"
"Goddamnit, goddamnit, goddamnit... sonofabitchmother.... "
"Why would you do that? Why would you throw glass ornaments like that? If one of them is broken...  "
"Why did I do that? Why the hell did I do that? How about, are you okay Alan, how about that?"

May the Christmas Spirit be with all of you, as it is with me.


  1. hahahahaha I'm so happy the Christmas fun has started at your house!

  2. Mark looks tense, Alan...and still no dogs!

  3. Look more closely. Bette is right behind Mark. Chandler was probably sleeping on the bed, well out of the way.