Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Town Without Pity

The television was on yesterday afternoon, tuned into the local news, and they had a whole segment on Prince William and Kate visiting the United States. As the television news bubble head, gushed on and on about 'The Royals', Mark suddenly started singing.
"...and we'll never be royals, royals.."
Never mind that Mark's voice sounds like two cats that've been stuffed into a pillowcase, the words were familiar to me. Who sang that song? I mulled it over in my head for a few moments before it came to me. The clown! That was the song that the clown on You Tube sang.
"I recognize that song. The clown sang it." I blurted out to Mark.
He stopped singing and looked at me as if worms were crawling out of my eye sockets.
"Clown? That's a Lorde song. Certainly you've heard of Lorde. The song is called Royals."
Well yes, I've heard that name. I think Madonna named her kid that, but I knew that I had heard that song on You Tube sung by a clown. So we Googled the song along with the word clown. Sure enough, Puddles Pity Party came up. Puddles is the clown, he did cover that song, and in my personal opinion he did it better. Mark insists that the Lorde version is much better, but I like the clown. Here's the video, you decide.