Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reasons I Don't Like End of Year Lists

Still Dead

  • They are tedious. Do you really want to relive the entire year as told to you by morning "news" show bimbos?
  • They are often subjective, as in 'The best songs of 2014'. To a fourteen year old girl, Bang Bang, by Ariana Grande is the best song of the year. To me, for all I know, an Ariana Grande is a drink at Starbucks.
  • The rehashing of all the news stories. I'm pretty sure I was awake and I watched the news this past year. You don't have to repeat it all again since the cable news network's have already beat these stories into the ground.
  • The death lists. For some reason Mark loves the death lists. I was watching some show the other day and they started running a 2014 'Remembrance' segment. Mark came running into the room and demanded I go back to the beginning so he could see all of the dead people listed.  The problem is that many of them were unknown to me so I didn't care and those I did recognize I already knew about. But Mark likes those death lists. In fact the death hunk is one of Mark's favorite parts during the Academy Awards Show.
  • The best movies list of 2014 might actually be a good thing though. Since I do not go to movie theaters and I wait until they come out on DVD, the movie list reminds me that I haven't seen some of them and in some cases, haven't even heard of them.
  • Mostly I hate end of year lists because they are simply rubbish that news shows use as filler for the second and third tier newscasters who are filling in for the A list during the holidays. We've already lived through it all. I really don't need to relive some of the horrifying crap that has happened this past year... like the November elections.

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  1. Amen, Alan. Robin Williams is dead. Still dead and it still sucks. I stand with him and you in giving the finger to 2014...
    p.s. Interstellar was good.