Monday, December 1, 2014

Z z z z z z...

I like ZzzQuil. ZzzQuil is NyQuil with all the cold medicine taken out, leaving only the good part, which is the part that puts you to sleep. I like it because it allows me to choose the dosage, from just a sip to a big slug. It just depends upon how much I want to sleep and for how long. Over the weekend I saw an ad on the television for ZzzQuil and I honestly found it kind of odd. It showed a nice looking couple sending the kids off to stay with grandma and grandpa for the weekend so that they could get trashed on ZzzQuil. They were advertising ZzzQuil as a recreational drug. I suppose we should get used to that, what with the legalization of pot spreading across the country. I can only imagine what kind of television ads are run in Colorado. But ZzzQuil as a recreational drug? I don't know. I don't find it to be fun, nor do I like the way I feel when I do it. That's why I like the fact that I can just take a little bit of it. Because even when I take just a little bit, I wake up in the morning groggy, and crabby. And yes, there is a difference between my normal crabbiness and my ZzzQuil crabbiness. I can usually get on my good side with a bit of food and a couple of Excedrin in the  morning, but with ZzzQuil I have to wait until it has totally worn off.

I took some ZzzQuil last night because I hadn't slept very well over the big holiday weekend. Too much food, too much drink, and too much of too much. So around midnight I poured a bit into the little plastic shot glass and gulped it down. By one in the morning I was out cold.  At five in the morning I awoke to find Bette standing on my chest and Chandler standing next to the bed. Chandler was quietly whimpering, which meant he needed to go out. So I got up to let the little fur balls out. This is where ZzzQuil is at its best and at its worst. In my drug induced stupor I stumbled and fell into the kitchen counter as I made my way to the back door, cutting my arm. But because of the ZzzQuil, after stumbling back to bed, I immediately fell asleep and forgot all about my bleeding arm. I sure the dogs were fine.

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