Friday, February 27, 2015

Mark and the Five Steps of Grieving

If you don't know, I am planning on moving to Chicago. Mark has known about this plan for a while, and I have explained to him my reasons for what I am doing. Oh, and yes, I am taking Mark with me. So  yesterday I told Mark that today I would be having a couple of real estate agents over so that I could decide on who would get the listing of our house.

"So soon? That's a little fast don't you think?"

"You hate me, don't you. Why are you doing this to me? I'm too skinny, I'll fucking freeze to death up there. I hate you!"

"How about if I give you more money? I can afford to give you enough money so we could stay here."

More silence.
Still depressed.
"Think about it Mark. There is so much more to do in a real city. Theater, restaurants, culture, parks, museums. You'll enjoy it, I guarantee it."
Still silent.
Continued depression, and then.

"Can we go to Lollapalooza if we move there?...   Oh, and look here. This looks like a really cool show at the Oriental Theater. I guess you're right, there are so many more things to do in Chicago. And I can hang out with my friend Sam, and I love your family. Let's look on line at some houses. What neighborhood do you want to live in? Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Andersonville?"

I was happy that Mark was finally on board, but Lollapalooza?


  1. and winter only lasts 4 or 5 months. This is second coldest February in History and third most snow, so there is something to shoot for. Best of all this town has the BEST sports teams, sometimes, when they are all healthy, and playing well. Sox and Cubs soon. Come on up!

  2. No Sue, winter is only January and February. December is Christmas, not winter. November and March are post autumn and pre-spring.

  3. And I'll have my own room when I visit Chicago er... I mean visit you.