Thursday, September 10, 2015


The view from my office desk.

Plastic tape, cardboard boxes, old newspapers, and bubble wrap. That's what my days have been full of for the last few weeks. Packing, packing, packing, and secretly throwing shit in the garbage, hoping Mark doesn't find it. We still have some things left to pack for our move, but today Mark said something surprising, "I think we've packed almost everything."  I looked around, and it was true. Much of the house has been packed away, making it a little harder for me to throw things in the garbage. Throwing things in the garbage and watching the garbage truck come by and toss all that stuff into its giant maw gives me a very good feeling. Kind of a tingling deep inside. I tossed quite a bit of stuff after our moving sale last Saturday, and yesterday I brought all of the rest of the shit over to a place called Boomerang's. It's a resale shop here in town, and all of the money they make is used to rescue dogs and cats. They also have free neutering and spaying for dogs and cats right there in a special bus that shows up once a week. The only thing Boomerang's wouldn't take were Mark's beloved VHS tapes that I've been trying to throw out for the last few years. That was when Mark finally realized that they were worthless, we don't even own a VCR anymore. So he allowed me to dump them in Boomerang's dumpster. Mark is having a hard time with all of this. Being a borderline hoarder, I have to gently cajole him and promise him future shopping to get him to let go. Still, it doesn't always work. Just yesterday I noticed some things being packed up in boxes for the move to Chicago, with price tags on them. The price tags we used in the moving sale. Mark was doing the 'clawback' maneuver. He was grabbing things that had already been agreed upon as gone, and taking them with him. So my job is quite clear now. I have to get as much of this crap into the garbage bin, and out to the garbage truck as fast as possible before I have to pay to move it to Chicago.


  1. Are the dogs and Mark getting a prescip for valium for the ride up? That would make for a nice quiet ride to listen to an Al Capone audio book on tape.

    1. Chandler is a dream in the car, he just lays down and sleeps. Bette is already on Phenobarbital. And Mark will be riding in the car, I'll be riding in the truck with Mark's brother. I have this all planned out. I only feel sorry for Mark's friend, Jim, who will be driving with him.