Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Feeble Flabby Arms

I walk a lot of dogs. I walk my own dogs, and I walk dogs over at Abandoned Pet Rescue, so I know that they all have their own idiosyncrasies. My dog Chandler is a dilly dallier. He has to stop and smell/pee every five feet or less. If he sees somebody walking a dog behind us he will actually turn around and walk backwards so that he can keep an eye on them. Over at APR I walk dogs that need to be coaxed along and I walk dogs that come close to tearing my feeble, flabby arm from my body as they dash out ahead of me. But these are the big dogs. Little dogs do a lot of the same things, but they also have another quirk that I don't see in the big dogs. They seem to be attracted towards passing cars as if they were a giant magnet. I've seen this over and over. Little dogs walking on a leash and just as a car comes down the road, they pull out into the middle of the street towards the car. Last night I had to literally fight Bette to get her out of the way of a passing car. She pulled and pulled, fighting and dragging her feet as if she wanted to throw herself under the oncoming vehicle. I don't know, maybe she's possessed or maybe she's attracted by the shiny lights. I'd certainly hate to think that she's suicidal, or even worse stupid. Anyway, that's the reason people often see me walking down the street with a little gray schnauzer in my arms. I'm taking her for a walk.


  1. Carrying her often is like lifting weights and should help your flabby arms. Try using her weight to develop muscle tone. You can do all sorts of arm exercises with her while holding her like bicep crunches or lifting her up and down for those shoulder muscle. The possibilities seem endless.

    1. Time for you to write a workout book. Doggersizing with Garrett.