Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Trash Talk

Today is trash day. Regular trash and bulk trash. Bulk trash day is one of my favorite days of the month because that's the day I can dump all kinds of crap out on the side of the street and by noon it's gone. It should really be some kind of holiday, although not a school holiday. I don't need all those kids digging through all that junk I've put out there. What I really like about bulk trash is that once the truck comes down the street, there is no chance Mark can go running out there to try and save things.

Over the past few months I've been very busy throwing things out. Each and every bulk trash day I've had quite a pile out on the curb. In fact I have thrown so much stuff out, that there is really nothing left for me to throw away. It's like a drug to me, throwing things out, and I am having withdrawal pains. All day yesterday I looked for things to put on the pile. I checked the shed, the laundry room, Mark's closet. Nothing, there is nothing left to toss. So imagine how happy I was yesterday afternoon when Mark received a large package in the mail. Yes, it was a cook book, and I felt completely justified in picking one out from Mark's book shelf to go out on the pile.

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