Monday, September 21, 2015

Kitchen Krap

I didn't write much last week, only two  posts. I had things on my mind that were best left off the written page. Let's just say that we won't be moving to Chicago this year, we won't be selling our house this year, and I now have a real estate agent thoroughly pissed off at me. I told him I didn't want to move in the cold weather months. Whatever, the fact is that there was massive miscommunication.

It was a week ago last Friday that I was informed the buyer wanted a thirty day extension on the closing. This after my giving them two months to close. That would have pushed our moving into November, and if I remember correctly, November is cold in Chicago. Besides that, I had everything on track for an October first move. There was a bit of negotiating on the closing after I was told they wanted more time, but not much information was forthcoming to me, just a vague idea of sometime in October. I had the truck, I had the help, I had a schedule for our move. For over a full week all that was put on hold while people vacillated. I couldn't sleep and I was borderline depressed, so I decided to terminate the whole thing. Because of that we now have more than half of our house packed up in boxes. There is a lot of things we could be using but I have no idea what box things are packed in other than a general category of 'office' or 'bedroom'. In fact right now Mark wants to know where his five hundred dollar blender is. I don't know. It's somewhere in that wall of boxes marked 'Kitchen Krap', and if Mark thinks I'm going to dig through all that... well... yes, I'll be digging through that. I can't afford to have another person hating me.


  1. Damn! Well now you can unpack and have another house sale to get rid of more Krap!

  2. *&^%, Alan. That sucks. I've been going to night school and haven't kept up on your plight. &^%$ it. Have a great time in Florida where there is no snow. My girlfriend will be disappointed to hear about this also...until it snows and I tell her it's her time to shovel.