Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Glaucoma Test

"You missed a spot."
I'm still painting the house, and that's how Mark helps. Pointing out my mistakes.
"Arrrg..  ahh! For krissakes, look what you've made me do."
That's the thing, I do a much better job when I tackle my projects alone. I don't need sidewalk superintendants. As I wipe the gray paint off of the white door, Mark continues.
"Over here too. And here, and here, and over here."

I don't work well with others. I think that may have been on one of my report cards when I was a kid. I get distracted too easily. It's  probably why I got fired from my job back in 1998, when a customer kept bugging me while I was trying to figure out why his computer was crashing every time it accessed the tape drive. He brought out one of my favorite ways to release tension, cursing. The little snitch told my boss that I said "fuck" in front of him and I got fired. So, it's been a month now since I started painting the house and yes, I am taking my time. No need to work too hard. As far as Mark standing behind me and pointing out all the spots I missed, I have to admit, it is a help. With my eyesight, the finished product looks great to me. I was blind to my mistakes, but he was right. There were spots all over the wall where the old yellow paint was poking through. Not just small inconspicuous yellow spots, but large, glaring patches of yellow. So Mark does have a use. The only problem is he has to be around me to be effective.

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