Monday, November 23, 2015


Still painting. I am now working around the back of the house and I had to clear out an area between the deck and the wall, AKA The Swamp. It is full of palm trees, bromeliads, and vines. Goddamn vines everywhere. So I got out the big branch cutters and started whacking away. First I cut the larger branches off of the dracaena plants, then I started pulling down the vines. They were all attached to the side of the house with their tendrils, and when I pulled them away some of the stucco came with it, so I started clipping them off. Everything went fine until I realized, they weren't all vines. I had cut through some wires. I don't know if they are very important wires, or where they go. I just know that I irreparably destroyed some cables attached to the back of the house.

The first thing I did was run into the house and turn on the television. Ahhhh.... it wasn't the cable service. Imagine a weekend without cable. I can't. Then I checked the computer. Again, relief. It was not the DSL line. I checked the telephone. Not the telephone line. So what the hell are all those wires attached to the wall of my  house? They could very well go to one of my tenant's apartments. So let's all keep this under our hats. What they don't know, won't hurt them. We'll just let the cable company figure it out.

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