Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Only the Sistine Chapel Took Longer

When I bought this house in 1993 it had a 1980's hangover. The drug dealer who owned it before me must have watched too much Miami Vice, because the colors that he had painted this place were nauseating. Pastel pink with pastel blue trim. It looked like a fast food joint, so I had the place repainted. I hired the old lady who lived next door, and her son, to paint the place with a Tuscan look. Very fashionable in the early 90's.
The problem with that color scheme is that you grow tired of it very quickly. Again, I needed the place repainted. This time I had Mark and a friend of his do it up in a lovely light yellow with ball park green trim. I really liked those colors because they set off the lush tropical landscaping. Unfortunately, after fifteen plus years, the place was looking a bit shabby and probably dragged down the price when we tried to sell.

Five weeks ago I started painting the house again. Five long, arduous weeks of painting, painting, painting. My hands are so sore from all that action. They haven't had that much use since I was a teenager. Anyway, the colors I picked for the house this time around are a gray with a very light blue tinge to it for the body of the house, and a white called 'frost' for the trim. I think it looks pretty classy. I'm about halfway done with the job, so I'm thinking Christmas? Or maybe even before. It will be my little birthday present for Mark, who was born on the 23rd of December. I sure hope he likes it, because I'm doing the pool for his Christmas present.

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