Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I Walk Among Them

This is absolutely true, and not one of my made up stories. It happened a little earlier this year. Mark was driving home when he saw a bunch of the neighborhood kids running down the street, screaming and laughing. Behind them was another kid with a rifle. He was aiming it at the running kids as he walked briskly after them. The kids running and the kid with the rifle are all about the same age range, twelve to fourteen. Now here's the interesting part, Mark did not call the police to report a white guy with a gun, pointing it at people and waving it around. The police did not come speeding up the street, jump out of the squad car, and immediately shoot the kid with the rifle. None of this happened BECAUSE MARK IS NOT A MORON! I don't know if the gun the kids were playing with shot rubber bullets, or was one of those squirt guns that look real, but Mark rightfully figured that it was a toy. Highly unlikely a thirteen year old kid would be out with a rifle gunning down the other kids in the neighborhood. That's something kids around seventeen do at school.

Anyway, I have come to the conclusion it is all out of my control and that I will have to live my life among people who think Donald Trump as president is a good idea, among those who think that if black people were more polite to the police they wouldn't get killed. I will have to be out in traffic with gun toting, open carry enthusiasts and those people who think it's a good idea to be looking down at their iPhone while traveling through a busy intersection. There is no choice, I must walk among them. I have to go to bars where people are drinking cotton candy flavored vodka, and listening to mind numbing electronic dance 'music'. Worst of all I find myself living among those who find shows about "Real Housewives" with fake titties and fake tans, entertaining. I could just stay home and choose not to walk among them, except that last one, the one that likes the Real Housewives shows. He lives in my house.

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