Tuesday, December 8, 2015

No More Tears

I used to have a favorite shampoo that I used for years. The problem was that I never did know what the name of it was. All I remembered when I ran out was the shape and color of the bottle it came in. So when the marketing geniuses at that shampoo company decided it needed a new look and put it in a different bottle, I couldn't find my shampoo on the store shelf. For years I tried to find that shampoo, trying a different one each time I ran out. I finally gave up. I now use No More Tears, baby shampoo. It's not likely I'll forget that product.

I thought about that shampoo yesterday evening, when I was at Target to buy some trash bags. I have a favorite bag that they sell at Target. It has flaps instead of that stupid red plastic tie thingy. I tie off two corners of the flaps and it fits perfectly in the kitchen garbage bin. The problem is that Target changed the package. It used to be in a yellow box, but I couldn't find it anymore in a yellow box. In fact there were no yellow boxes on the trash bag shelf, and after literally dismantling the entire shelf looking for my bags, I found that they are now in a purple box. Assholes. That is a dirty trick to play on old farts like me. I know that young folks have not developed any brand loyalty yet and are more likely to be attracted to a shiny new thing, so the manufacturers put old products into glossy new boxes. They then try to convince the kids that something is new, when it is not. It was probably first put on the market when Edison came out with light bulbs. So that's why it's better that I send Mark to the store to find things for me. He's like a buffer between me and the manufacturers.

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