Friday, December 11, 2015


I hate scams. Even more, I hate getting caught up in a scam. Some years ago I saw a great fare to Chicago on Spirit Airlines. They were at least ten dollars cheaper than any other airline. I immediately bought two tickets. Unfortunately, I did not look further into what I was buying until a few days before the flight. When I went on line to check in and choose my seats, I found out that I hadn't bought seats. I had bought two tickets, but the tickets did not include seats. I had to buy the seats extra. Not only that, I had to pay for luggage, carry-ons, access to the lavatory with an extra charge for more than one sheet of toilet tissue.  Okay, I might be wrong on that last charge, but I do know that after I was done paying for all the extras, Spirit Airlines cost as much or more than any other airline. On top of that the employees were not the friendliest. I assume that would be because Spirit is screwing them as much as they're screwing the passengers.

I ran out of ink on my HP Printer this week and I have to send out Xmas cards. So Mark and I were off to the Office Depot to buy some more ink. Or as I like to say, we were off to get screwed again. Why is printer ink so damn expensive. I would bet it costs no more than fifty cents to manufacture those cartridges, yet there they were on the shelf at Office Depot for twenty eight dollars. I needed all four, black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Total price (cheaper if you buy the three colors in the combo box), sixty eight dollars. Located on a shelf three feet away was a brand new HP Printer for sale at sixty five dollars. Included in the box with the printer were the ink cartridges. I looked that up. They are called starter cartridges. On the PC Magazine web site, they said they are almost the same as the ones I was buying. Yes, we seriously considered just buying a new printer, maybe three for backup. But I just can't justify such waste, throwing a perfectly good printer in the garbage every time the ink ran out.  So I coughed up the money, and bought the very over priced ink cartridges. I really do hate scam artists.

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