Thursday, January 14, 2016

Is That the Aroma of Homemade Cookies?

In an attempt to beat the rains so that I could complete the patching of my swimming pool, I bought some quick set concrete. I am not that familiar with quick set concrete, but I'll tell you, it sets quickly. I simply was not going to take another chance on my patch job being ruined by the rains again. I mixed the concrete per the instructions, and then toddled on down into the pool with my bucket. It became apparent that I wasn't moving fast enough when I found that the trowel was already stuck in the quickly setting concrete. I managed to dig it out and proceeded to do my patching. Unfortunately, I was not able to do a very pretty job. When I was all done the patches kind of reminded me of cookies. They looked like my mom's oatmeal cookies, all rough and out of shape. Whatever, I'll just buy a grinding attachment for my drill and grind them down.

After working on the swimming pool I went back in the house and sat down in front of my computer, but not until I went into the sun room and opened the windows, went into the kitchen and got myself an iced tea, and popped into the bedroom for a moment to talk to Mark. Later, as I sat there scrolling through Facebook, and leaving clever comments here and there, I noticed a foul odor. It wasn't dog farts, nor was it dog shit. I checked my arm pits. They smelled like roses with a hint of musk, perfect as always. What the hell was that god awful smell? I checked my shoes and there it was, cat shit. I had forgot that the cat buries her poo all over the back yard with special attention paid to the area around the hose spigot. I had been over there washing out the bucket I had used to mix the concrete in (It was too late, it already had set in the bucket). As I moved through the house with the stinky shoe in my hand, I noticed that the smell of cat shit was everywhere. Well not everywhere, just in the living room, sun room, kitchen, and bedroom. I had tracked the shit through all of those rooms and Chandler was ecstatic as he followed behind, gobbling up the delicious morsels.

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