Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Dead Pool

I spent four weeks working on our swimming pool. Because of all the rain it took much longer than expected. Mark did not like the job that I did. He told me that I should order another can of paint ($50) and do a third coat. I did not agree and suggested that Mark do the third coat of paint himself. Mark said "I'll pay for the paint and you do the work."  I laughed. Mark did not find it funny. I screamed at Mark and told him to go back into the house and shut the fuck up. That did not go over too well. Mark lost his temper, and in return I lost my temper. It was not very pretty. Anyway, it turned out that we did not kill each other.... although, it could have gone either way. Here is the video of the last day of pool repairs, not including the big fight.  



  1. The pool is looking very nice. I'm sure the weather is getting up to pool time soon. Have you considered having an underwater statue as a feature in your pool? Like a merman or something that you can swim around in the deep end. Also...where are the alligators??? I really want to see what the news always talks about. The fact that people's pool gets a little green and all of a sudden there is an alligator swimming and those guys on TLC come and take it to a farm or wildlife preserve. In related news, I think a family of squirrels or opossums spent the entire winter sleeping and pooping in a rolled up hammock in the garage. *(*^ing wildlife.

    1. Funny story. Yesterday, just before the buyer's inspector was supposed to show up (We've sold the house), I was vacuuming the pool. There was what appeared to be a spot on the bottom, like a leaf, that I missed. So I went back over it and tried to suck it up. It turns out that I had the vacuum on too strong. What I was sucking up was the thin layer of Diamond Brite finish on the bottom of the pool. Now I have a eight inch spot of ripped up pool bottom. The inspector pointed it out to the buyer. He didn't seem to mind.