Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dollar Burger Day

There is a bar here in Chicago called Big Chicks. As far as bars go, it's okay. Lots of gay hipsters, gay Puerto Ricans, gay Jews, gay Black men, and gay old white men in the place. They not only serve drinks, but also serve food, and on Mondays it's "Dollar Burger Day". So when Mark suggested we go for dollar burgers yesterday I was happy to go and save some money for a change. For one dollar you get a burger on a bun with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions, along with French fries. Quite a bargain. Mark and I got in the car and drove over to Big Chicks. Bam! Lucky us, parking spot right in front of the place. Cost of on street parking, $2. We went in and sat at a little table in the window. I got us drinks because you can't sit there and eat dollar burgers without drinks. Cost of drinks, $11. Then I went to the window where you order your dollar burger. Two cheeseburgers with everything. Cost of two burgers, $2. Cost of two slices of American cheese on the burgers, $2 extra. Still, four dollars for two burgers with fries is not bad. Oh, I forgot, I tipped the bartender and the burger cook. Cost of tipping bartender, $2. Cost of tipping the burger cook, $2. Halfway through my burger I ran out of beer and had to go get another one. Cost of beer, $6. Cost of tip for bartender, $1. I really enjoyed my dollar burger, they are surprisingly good and taste great washed down with an ice cold beer. Even though the total cost of two, "Dollar Burgers" was twenty eight dollars, it was still a bargain. Unless that bright flash I saw while driving over to the bar was the famous Chicago photo ticketing system, catching me trying to make a traffic light before it turned red.

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