Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Like Jesus to a Child

"Oh Jesus, Jesus.....   Ah, Jesus!"

For an atheist, Mark has sure been calling out to Jesus a lot lately. It's Chicago driving, not that he has been driving here a lot. No, Mark is still not ready to drive in the big city. It's my driving that has given him religion. He has had me driving everywhere and my taxi driving skills have started to kick in again. The truth is, if Mark were driving we would never get to where we're going. For instance, we came up behind a giant truck on a tiny street yesterday. Mark would have sat there frozen in fear. I simply lubed up the sides of the car and slid right on by. It was a very tight fit. One thing you have to know when driving around the city is just how wide and long your car is. Considering that I used to drive Yellow Cab, Checker Marathons around Chicago and never put a scratch on one, I think I can handle Mark's Ford Fusion. The truth is I would rather not be driving. I want Mark to start learning how to deal with the traffic and narrow streets. It's my turn to sit over in the passenger seat and scream out in terror.

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