Monday, June 13, 2016


I am not a big fan of religion. I know that some people need it to cope with the reality of life and death. Some people cling to it because they were brainwashed as children. Others claim to be religious so that they can manipulate. And then there are the worst of all, the folks who use religion to obtain power and subjugate people. Some religions are relatively benign and do little to interfere with their adherents lives. Other religions, those who claim to be the nearest to God, want total control and will go to great lengths to force obedience. When somebody tells me that another person is very religious, and says it like that's a good thing, I tell myself to look out. Stay clear because there is something wrong there.

What happened in Orlando yesterday morning was not about religion. It was not about Islam, though the asshole claimed Islamic ties. The murder of fifty human beings was about a culture gone mad. A culture where women are treated as property. A culture where Gay people are routinely killed. A culture that made it easy for a man who saw two other men kiss in Miami, think he had a license to kill. But here's what I am thinking. Omar Mateen was suffering from homophobia (Something that should be considered a mental illness). I believe that Omar Mateen was a man who possibly was fighting his own homosexual impulses, who had them buried deeply within. In a culture that requires you to completely suppress who you are, he snapped when he saw those men kissing. They were dangerous because they awakened something in him.

Omar Mateen was the killer, but he was aided and abetted by others. Not by ISIS, but by the NRA who has fought for years for the right of every human in the United States to own guns of all kinds. Seriously, if that hateful moron had no access to an assault rifle, the death toll would have been much lower. So I blame Wayne LaPierre, the NRA, and the gun manufacturers that the NRA is working for. I also blame the politicians who are in the pocket of the gun lobby and the NRA.

Unfortunately nothing will come of this. No laws will be enacted, no guns taken off the street. If our politicians did nothing when twenty children, twenty first and second graders, were slaughtered in their school, what do you think they will do about fifty murdered faggots ? NOTHING.


  1. Replies
    1. It makes no sense to me how a person on the FBI terrorist "Watch List" twice and interviewed twice by the FBI was cleared and taken off the FBI watch list. He should have stayed on the list and when trying to purchase an assault rifle should have been denied and the FBI alerted. I partially also blame the FBI for not doing a thorough job by keeping him on that list or at least having an alert on his purchase as a potential threat when trying to purchase the weapons that he used to massacre those innocent people in that nightclub.

  2. A watch list. Sure. What I have a problem with is what weapons people have access to. I see no sane reason people should have the "right" to buy a weapon of mass destruction. I've heard over and over again about how "if he didn't get them legally he would just get them illegally!". What? What kind of nonsensical thinking is that? We might as well have no laws because people will always try to do things illegally if you follow that thought process through.
    Sane regulations. The NRA is consistently against them. Why? Because after horrors like this happen gun sales actually go UP. Murderous marketing.