Tuesday, June 14, 2016

God Save the Queen

I have always considered myself to be an atypical gay man. I did not like show tunes. I have never liked Judy Garland. I don't get 'drag'. I do like fast cars, football, and I have no fashion sense at all. Well, over the years those things have changed. I saw my first "Broadway" show when I was thirty, A Chorus Line, and I liked it. I've been going to the theater ever since. I still don't like Judy Garland movies, but I've seen some of those old television shows she did, the ones I hated, and that girl could sing. Not to mention that because of the Turner Classic Movies channel, I saw Meet me in Saint Louis about fifteen years ago, and I love that movie. I cry at the end every single time I see it. As for drag. Have you seen my Alicia and Alexis videos? I still don't like other people's drag so much, but that might just be jealousy.

So, as I've grown older I have morphed into one of those old queens that I never thought I'd be. Oh, I still like football, fast cars, and have no fashion sense, but in a gay way. Also, there is one stereotypical gay thing that Mark and I have started doing since we bought our hundred year old house in Chicago. We go antiquing. Flea markets, junk stores, and antique stores, but no yard sales. Those are just too trashy. Almost every weekend and sometimes during the week, you'll see us hitting the street, looking for that perfect old door knob, a lovely little table, or something else that we just have to have.
"Oh yes Mark, it's perfect. Do see if we can make a deal with the nice man."
"I don't know. It looks right, but we must be prudent. It could be a repro."

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