Friday, September 2, 2016

Now I Know How My Mom Felt

Backyard Playtime

Scout, the terror terrier, has been with us for a month now. I really like her, Mark tolerates her. He does have reason to be a little hesitant, but it's not her fault that she has a penchant for stripping the sofa down to the frame, or leaving a drop of pee when she gets excited. She probably thought that she ran every house she was ever placed in before. I am trying to instill in her the fact that she does not run this place. So yes, Scout does occasionally pee in the house. Three times now she has peed on a bed. Once on our bed, once on the day bed in my office, and once on my sister Lisa's bed during a play date. So the rule is now no beds... ever! Which I kind of feel bad about. Big old Chandler gets to lounge across the bed all night and day, but of course his bladder never leaks in the house. Also, our bed is Chandler's safe place away from the chomping teeth of Scout. She is nearly always in play mode, and when Chandler is all tuckered out and refuses to play anymore, she often turns to Mark for entertainment. Which he obliges with his high pitched squeals. Not of delight, but of terror as Scout nips at his toes. Other than all that Scout has fit in pretty well here. She follows me everywhere and always listens to me when I give her commands, such as come, stay, sit. I didn't say she obeys, but she does listen. I'm sure that with some time she'll adjust and calm down a bit. Mark says she better or he's going to give her a "New Jersey" ride. I told Mark that if he does, he'll find out what "Chicago Boots" are.

Best Buddies

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