Monday, September 19, 2016

Scout Strikes Back

Seven weeks now with our newest member of the family, Scout. Seven weeks of intense house training, and it is amazing how much she has learned. Such as the fact that Chandler is here to entertain her, and Mark is here to also entertain her. Especially when she pisses him off and he goes into one of his arm waving, high pitched screaming frenzies. Scout thinks that is the best. I doubt she has ever had such an energetic daddy like Mark before. I am apparently considered the leader of the pack because she follows me all over the house and tends to get underfoot. I have to be very careful not to step on her because she blends in with all the dirt and dust of the remodeling.

My biggest accomplishment has been her potty training. I have to say, I am proud of her. I leave her alone in the living room with Chandler when we go out, and when we return there is not one drop of pee, and no chewed valuables. In fact, other than this morning, she has been completely pee free in the house for two whole weeks. So what did she do this morning to break that streak? I was laying in bed watching television, Mark on the other side of the huge bed, Chandler at my feet. Along came Scout, leaping up onto the bed (She's not allowed) and paying me a visit. Okay, two weeks without pee I thought, I can trust her. I mean, look at that adorable face, that sweet demeanor. How could I tell her to get off the bed? So I lay there quietly while just a few inches away from my face, Scout squatted and peed. Right there in the bed, she peed! All hell broke loose. Mark began screaming and waving his arms around, while I grabbed Scout and bum rushed her out to the back yard, and Chandler... well he just laid there. With a smirk on his face.

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