Monday, September 12, 2016

Vote For Me and I'll Set You Free!

On a November Saturday in 1960 I campaigned for John F Kennedy. While my Mom and Dad were away at the hospital dealing with the birth of my sister Lisa, I went door to door with another kid handing out Kennedy flyers. I don't think the adults who answered their doors that day were too happy to hear some squeaky little ten year old telling them to vote for Kennedy. Some of them laughed, and some of them just slammed the door in my face. That was my first taste of politics. Four years later I was all gung-ho for LBJ. He was my man and I had many a quarrel with the kid around the corner. His parents were Goldwater all the way. By 1968 my ardor for LBJ had cooled considerably. I was now of draft age and LBJ had gone to war in Vietnam.

I've seen many presidential elections, but none as crazy as the 2016. People are just fucking insane. You ask them a question about their candidate, and they come up with ignorant answers, or no answer at all. We went from something like five hundred candidates in the primaries, to the two big party candidates and a couple of fringe candidates. I have been surprised by who some friends and family say they are voting for, and it worries me. So I am going to bury my head in the sand and ignore all the insanity. In November I will vote for the person I deem the least ignorant, and hope for the best. Until then, and even after, I won't give a shit, because we'll all have to live with the consequences.


  1. Yes this is a sad time for our country. I'm afraid to see what happens comes November.

    1. We will either have a narcissist man-child, or a person who is very secretive as president.