Thursday, September 15, 2016

Stool Sample

Mark and I stopped into a bar last Sunday afternoon for a drink. It was a very nice bar with a nice bartender, Jessica. They even allowed dogs in there, so I got in my share of dog touching. And by dogs, I don't mean ugly men. They were real canines with dog fur. This bar had my brand of beer and vodka, and Jessica knew how to make Mark's favorite drink. Also, there was decent music playing. So it was perfect, right? No. The bar stools sucked. The truth is that I will decide not to go to a particular bar if the bar stools are uncomfortable. Despite all the good things about this bar, all I could think of was that the stool legs were uneven, the seat was hard wood, and my ass hurt. Back in Florida one of my favorite bars had great stools. They were a bit like a long haul truckers seat, with a shock absorber under my ass. I loved those bar stools. Only problem was, was that they were fragile and broke down under the weight of the fat ass drunks. And speaking of bar stools that I love and hate, I hate overly heavy bar stools. The ones that you can't move without hiring a large man and a mover's cart. No, my dream bar stool is perfectly even on the floor, has ample ass padding, swivels, and has small padded armrests. 

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