Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I'm not going to give an opinion about how ignorant or smart (yikes) Trump is. That is for time to tell. I'm not going to rant about what I fear he is going to do to this country. I'll just sit back and wait for the inevitable. This post has nothing what so ever to do with trashing our soon to be new president and former reality show host, or the new First Lady (I've been told that she's hot). The trash will show up on its own. I cannot change what is, and I cannot convince the un-convincibles who voted for Donald Trump that they were wrong. Those people are very certain that he will make America great again. So if he does make that happen, whatever that means, then I guess it would be a promise fulfilled. I really don't think it will happen, but like I said, time will tell. The problem is that all the news shows, all the satirical comedy shows don't seem to want to bide their time. It is Trump, Trump, Trump all day and all night long. Probably some crazy shit is going to come down, but I cannot do a thing to change it. In fact, until such time as Donald Trump does some momentous, fantastic, tremendous thing that changes our lives, I am not going to pay attention to the wall to wall Trump coverage. I simply cannot take it anymore. I used to leave the television tuned to CNN for hours at a time. I can't do that anymore. I can't flip from CNN to MSNBC to Fox News without my stomach getting wrung like a wet bathing suit. Instead I have begun leaving the television tuned to Turner Classic Movies or that HGTV channel. So much easier on my psyche. In fact Mark, who loves arguing with the television news channels, has been turning them off. I'll walk into the room and he'll be sitting, staring blankly at the television, while the shills at QVC try to sell him crap. I think Mark and I are both suffering from a mental breakdown over what has happened to the United States. I think we have Post Trump Stress Disorder, and I think it can only be cured by watching him crash and burn. The unfortunate thing about that is he'll probably take us all down with him.

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