Monday, December 12, 2016

Three Hundred and Thirty One Months of Summer

I don't know why, but I've had an irrational fear for the last couple of months. Winter was coming and it was scaring the hell out of me. I made a point of not acknowledging that fear. I pretended like it was nothing, like those twenty seven years of Florida winters hadn't lulled me into a softness of mental fortitude. I have been lying. I can now admit, the oncoming winter had me in a panic. The cold, the snow, the driving in the snow, the shortened days and grayness of it all. Well winter is here and I don't hate it. I dress for the weather when I walk the dogs and I'm just fine. Yesterday I was even driving out in that heavy snow. All the skills I learned from driving a taxicab, from driving a delivery van in Chicago, all came back to me. I am not afraid anymore. Bring on the winter! Okay, so winter isn't even officially here yet and I still have the rest of December, January, February, and whatever March has to throw at me. I think I can handle it all. I cleared all the sidewalks on my property yesterday with my new snow blower, and I kind of enjoyed it. I even kept on going up and down the block, snow blowing my neighbors sidewalks (I think that may not keep happening for long). Yes, I am kind of liking winter. There is only one problem with the cold and snow, and that is the sound. Winter has a sound to it around here. I noticed that it started the same time the temperature dropped below fifty degrees, and it has only got louder now that the snow has started. It's sort of a whiney sound, like a baby trying force out a cry that just won't come full throat. It's not coming from the boiler downstairs, or from outside. I have traced it to inside the house, to be exact, inside Mark's throat. He just won't shut the fuck up about how cold it is.


  1. Sorry I haven't written in awhile, Alan. I've been building the shelter for winter and the Trump presidency. I've been thinking of you since the Polar Vortex came down into the states. It hasn't snowed here in Philly yet, but now that I'm telling you that you're soft on snow, I have jinxed us into a foot sometime in the near future. Nice pic of you and your mom in that last post. I'm headed to Dallas for Christmas, Mexican food and sunlight after 4pm. Enjoy the holidays!

    1. I figured you dropped me like a bad banana once we moved away from Florida and you lost your possible winter retreat.

  2. That was a nice pool...