Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Kind of Cool

Today, my tenant called to tell me that the refrigerator in the studio apartment quit working, much like the guy I hired to rebuild the shower. Curiously enough, the brand name of the refrigerator was 'Welbilt'. I have no idea where it was built or how well, but I did buy it right after the fall of the Soviet Empire, and it might have been an early try by a spin-off S.S.R. to crack the American market. What I do know, is that it was cheap when I bought it. I really can't complain, it has been working since I bought this place. That is just about as many years as my mom had her Philco refrigerator, with the postage stamp freezer when I was a kid.

Mark as usual, considers this to be another excuse to shop, and he was almost gleeful at the prospect of going to Lowes to pick out the new refrigerator. I immediately 'shop blocked' him. We went to Lowes alright, but I zoomed out ahead of Mark directly to the appliance department. By the time Mark got back there, I already had the sales guy getting my choice down from the shelves.

My tenant hasn't come home from work yet, but I already have his new refrigerator installed and working. I hope he doesn't mind that it is a little smaller than the old one. It makes ice really nice, much better than the old one, and it uses less electricity. Most of all it was on sale, and cheap. Maybe he'll like it better if I leave a bottle of vodka in it for him. A cheap bottle of vodka, of course.


  1. Yes that was an old refrigerator. It was time for a new one. At least you'll save on electricity now. Wow that little apartment has gone through many tenents and changes since I lived in it. Does everyone know that I was the one who installed the all the kitchen cabinets, counter and sink? Oy Vey it was work. Talk amounts yourselves.... I'm getting verklemt.

  2. Actually, I replaced that old sink and counter top. Remember, it was fourteen years ago that you lived there.

  3. and wahta wonder job you did. The place looks great. It is a really nice apartment and income generator.