Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have chronicled the clutter that Mark has brought into this house more than once. From his unbelievably crowded kitchen, where you can barely find a square inch of clear counter space, to the living room decor, which I think looks like a decorator on LSD was given a credit card to Bombay and Rooms To Go. Now it seems that we are experiencing 'Clutter Creep'.

By clutter creep, I mean that the clutter Meister, Mark, has started to clutter up other areas of the property. A little over a year ago I tore up my deck in the back yard and rebuilt it. I think I did a pretty nice job for a klutz who can't even hang a picture straight. For a few months it looked pretty good, and then Mark started to furnish it, and he hasn't stopped yet. Last week he told me about an outdoor bar he found at the Home Goods Store. "It's only thirty dollars, and it's so cute.", he enthused. So despite my objections about wasting money for something un-needed, the next day as I sat in my big fluffy chair, I spied Mark dragging a large box past the window.

So now we have a bar out on the deck, in addition to all the chairs, tables, and other crap. I don't know who will be going out there and ordering a drink, but we have a bar. I personally am satisfied with getting my vodka in the house, it tastes fine and does the job. That is unless the drinks are cheaper out there.


  1. Don't think of it as clutter. Think of it as artistic "still life vignettes".

    As for your backyard, I think you should buy one of those small sheds that look like a kids play house or a Fairyland Castle and use it as a guest bedroom.

  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of stuff hanging about Alan, my place is a haven for bits and pieces. Minimal homes scare the eggs outta me!

    Frome what I see of your home its cosy, nice and lived in..these places you go to, that seem to have nothing in the except furniture, I cant relax in them hahaha

  3. I notice that you have changed your posting name from NTSH to CHKN. I love fried chicken.